About JUMPERAMA Hutt Park

Established in 2017, Jumperama is a trampoline park in Hutt Park, Wellington. We have a fun variety of activities available at the park, including loads of trampolines for general jumping and leaping, a huge foam pit for epic flips and tricks and two basketball hoops for throwing down massive slam dunks!
We’re directly next to the adventure playground Junglerama, which makes our venue unbeatable for having heaps of action-packed fun!

General Jumping
Whether you’re a first timer or trampoline enthusiast, you’ll love jumping on all our trampolines at Jumperama. We have loads of trampoline surfaces for you to jump to your heart’s content!
Olympic Trampolines and High Wall
Jump higher than ever on our two Olympics trampolines! The elastic fabric allows for more bounce and more fun! Next to the Olympic tramps are two high walls to perform awesome combos off.
Foam Pit
Attempt your best twists, flips and tricks into our soft foam pit for a fail-safe landing. This is your chance to throw caution to the wind and impress your friends with your most awesome moves!
Dodgeball Arena
Enjoy an epic game of Dodgeball in our special Dodgeball arena! We have plenty of foam balls in the arena, so you can play an informal match during your Jump session at Jumperama.
Basketball Hoops
Get the air time you’ve always desired and perform all your favourite dunks! By using our trampolines you can emulate the NBA stars and float effortlessly up to the hoop.
Inflatable Tumbling Mat
Jumperama’s inflatable tumbling mat gives the the opportunity to try all of your best tumbling tricks, without worrying about a hard landing! See how many flips you can do in a row!